Venus Marquez Nude video and pics, hot Instagram star with over 210k followers.

The Instagram Star was born in New York City on April 30, 1998. Instagram star who’s popular for her fandubs and selfies. She’s netted over 210,000 followers on the platform. Most of the popular Instagram stars have their age in their twenties. Teenagers are the major users of Instagram and hence it is only fair that most of the stars on the site are teenagers. Likewise, Venus Marquez is 20 years old years old.

The Instagram stars often share their birthday posts on the site. Fans from around the globe wish them a happy birthday. The birthday posts are one of the main sources to find about a celebrity exact birth date. Venus Marquez has an average height. In general, their height is around the 5 Feet 8 Inches mark. This is not the case for all of them though. Some Instagram stars are relatively short. Models like Genesis Vega, Amina Blue, and Remi Lewis are along the shorter side of the spectrum.

Instagram models, as well as some actors, often share revealing pictures via Instagram. The models have attractive body measurements and figure. They get thousands of likes on their photos and videos. Females share Bikini pictures and pictures of them traveling to exotic places while men often share shirtless pictures.

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