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Get her turned on ahead of time by giving her a shoulder massage or telling her how sexy she is. If you reach down there and start rubbing hard before she’s even a little wet, then you might hurt her. The friction doesn’t always feel good. The timing has to be right. Instead of using your fingers, get on your knees and find her clit with your tongue. It’s fine (even encouraged) to kiss her thighs and her lower lips, but make sure you eventually make contact with her clit. That’s the magical body part that’s going to make her orgasm.

If you decide to insert a few fingers, don’t lose focus on the clit. You have to remember, your body works differently than hers. Penetration isn’t her main concern. For the majority of women, penetration feels nice, but it doesn’t cause an orgasm, whether you’re using your fist or your penis. So don’t stop touching that clit.

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