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Masturbation Tip

The clitoris was first mapped in 1998 and was found to be much bigger than previously thought. It extends all the way up and around the vagina. So when we talk about vaginal orgasms, this is all connected to the clit. The G-area is also roughly the same area as the female prostate, also known as the Skene’s Gland. Stimulating this area whilst performing oral sex and putting pressure on the stomach can lead to strong orgasms and sometimes even female ejaculation! Just remember, if you are goal-oriented towards orgasm, this pressure may have the opposite effect.

My favorite tip for performing oral sex on women is to be completely mindful. It is likely that they will also require some mindfulness while receiving, so it may be wise to do some breathing techniques with them before, if at any point either of you drifts off in thought always come back to the breath. This will heighten sensation and arousal for you both.

Some other techniques that you can take for giving oral sex include these “Sexual Sensory Exercises”:

Sight – worship her vulva with your eyes, take it in and build up the tension with your face close to her
Sound – use your breathing technique to blow warm air on her and moan along with her to add vibrations
Touch – use your free hands to caress her body and breasts, your nails lightly scratching the underside of her lower back
Taste – pheromones are thought to be released from the outer-lips which ignites arousal, so become totally present and enjoy giving her pleasure, she will notice your excitement at her taste!
Using mindfulness techniques will help you and your partner totally enjoy the moment – centering her pleasure!

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