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To give a girl an orgasm during sex you’ll need to use your penis to hit her g-spot. The feeling of being ‘filled up’ by your penis will feel amazing to her, but it isn’t always the best way to bring her to orgasm. In fact, some girls find it extremely difficult to orgasm during sex. Which is why we’re going to cover the other ways you can do so below.

There is one position that rises above all others when it comes to make her cum during sex. Have your woman lie on her back on the edge of the bed and rest her bum on a couple of pillows so that her bottom half is slightly higher than her top half. Now, from a standing position enter her. Thrust in, but upwards at the same time. Because her spot is located on the top half of her vagina, it is easy to slide right past it with your penis.

With this angle (you coming from below and thrusting upwards – and her on her back with bum raised) you’ll be able to confidently hit her g-spot and bring her to climax.

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