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Jessica Sunok, 22 years old, boasts over 600,000 followers on Instagram where she posts sizzling photos of her incredible figure. An Instagram babe has revealed how a bad break-up gave her the motivation to leave her 9-5 job in order to pursue modelling. The 22-year-old worked as a sales manager where she pocketed just £9-an-hour ($12). It changed for Jessica, from North Carolina, US, when she was left heartbroken after breaking up with her “on and off” boyfriend in 2016.

Instead of investing her energy into the break-up, the hot teen decided to turn to modelling as a way to distract herself. She shared her Instagram page in 2012 and has always had a passion for modelling but this time she wanted to make a career out of it. Jessica drove to a local car show to met the owner where she soon began working as a show girl and took part in several bikini contests. Then over the next few years, her Instagram following skyrocketed and she finally plucked up the courage to ditch her sales job to work as a full-time model.

She said: “I started modelling when I broke up with my boyfriend, it was my way of distracting myself and put all my energy into myself. “It took a lot of time and investing to get to where I am, I wouldn’t change a thing.” Jessica now receives over 50 marriage proposals a week from her adoring fans – and one even sent the model £480 ($600) into her back account just to get her attention.

She said: My favourite comments are when I get complimented on my personality and I’m asked to speak more! “I love how my fans can see the real me through just an image! It makes my heart swell. I probably get an average of 50 marriage proposals a week I believe.” The Instagram babe calls herself a devout Christian but said her pictures do not define her relationship with God.

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