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Female Orgasm

Get aroused, either through your favorite foreplay activities or positions with your girl. Try oral sex, stimulating their G-spot, licking or flicking or sucking nipples, or whatever else gets them going.
Excitement. Skin starts to flush, muscles get tense, heartbeat gets faster, blood starts to flow quickly down to clitoris and vagina. The vagina gets wet and the scrotum withdraws.
Plateau. Everything that happened in stage 1 gets even more intense. Girls feel drawing closer and closer to orgasm. This is the stage where you should get ready to stop or slow down stimulation.
Orgasm. A series of nerve and muscle responses occur, resulting in a feeling of ecstasy, increased lubrication in the vagina. But when you’re practicing edging, this is the stage you’re trying to avoid until ready.
Resolution. After orgasm, tissues return to their non-aroused sizes and colors, and all vitals normalize, too. This is also when the refractory period starts. It’s a temporary stretch of time where you can’t get aroused again. It can last for a few minutes up to a few days or longer.

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