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Seduction Tip

What seducing a girl and conquering a girl have in common is the treatment of a woman as a object, as a means to an end, the end being a man’s sexual pleasure. Whether you use the lure of money, the promise of romance, you are getting sex by treating someone else as an object. A sexual toy, a thing to used for your pleasure, to be thrown away when it ceases glittering and catching your attention.

Changing from conquer to seduction changes the preferred tools from violence to money and romance. The seduction of money and romance is to convince a girl that you are her prince charming, her path to living happily ever after. Means you have moved up in the world from rapist to con artist.

I would suggest that you stop thinking about how to get sex from girl to thinking about how to have sex with girl.

Having sex with girl instead of getting sex from girls implies being open and honest about your desires, both short term and long term. Treating them as equals, as fellow sentient beings. Valuing them for more than 15 minutes of hormonal rush three times a week.

While there are still a lot of girls out there who respond to seduction and conquest just as there are men who continue to value dominance.

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