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Dallas, Texas-based model and instagram star Calista Melissa, is a sight to behold. Her beauty is like a Mortal Kombat fatality combo—where her pretty face and seductive eyes will leave you in a daze, and her 5’7″ fit tattooed frame (and all her glorious assets) will finish you off. The Scottish/German model proclaims herself a “butt girl” on her Instagram bio, and we can see why. The girl’s got booty for days, worthy of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s praise.

Orgasm tip

“Reach down and give her a hand, as external stimulation is more likely to lead to orgasm than vaginal penetration for many people.” In addition to traditional fingering methods, you could also try something called the “pussy pocket.”

“Place your palm on her pubic mound and let your fingers press all along her lips to create a ‘pocket,’” she adds. “You can rub gently to begin with and then increase the pressure and speed as she gets more and more riled up.”

“Pay attention to the clitoris like it is the center of your universe. The clitoris is the key to orgasm,” . And according to O’Reilly, that goes for penetration, too.

“If you’re having intercourse, adjust your body so that she can rub her pubic mound against your pubic bone,” she notes. “You may not be able to thrust in and out with the same vigor (which is probably better anyway), but you can still slide inside of her while she rubs her clitoris on the outside.”

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