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Take your two fingers inside of your girl and rub them against the inner wall of her pussy in a come hither motion slowly increasing pressure on her g spot as she gets wetter
Look her in the eyes and continue to moan to show her how into it you are, imagine a woman giving you head and how much hotter it is when she looks up at you and moans
Aim to finger her pussy and lick her clit slowly, do this for about 5 minutes
Keep going until she cums, this should take at most 15 minutes from when you started kissing her pussy
She might start to buck and writhe but keep focused on keeping the same tempo and pressure, only stop if she moves your head, this usually means she can’t handle the strength of the sensations
If she stops you but her pussy is super wet and horny you can try to make her squirt

Foreplay: 15 min – Kiss Thighs: 10 min – Gentle pressure kisses on inner lips 5 min – Medium pressure kisses on inner ips: 5 min – Eat and finger pussy: 15 min – Total Time: 50 min – Now that you know how to eat pussy and how to give her an orgasm consistently, go get a girl and enjoy yourself

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