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An anal Orgasm is the result of sexual stimulation of the nerves in and around the anus. “The anus is [packed] with nerves, especially the incredibly erogenous pudendal nerve—which connects to the clitoris,”. The pudendal nerve carries sensation to and from your perineum, reaching your vagina, vulva, and anus, too.

What does this kind of orgasm feel like? Andrea, founder of the sexual education website, tells that some women describe it as being similar to a clitoral orgasm—a pulse of pleasurable contractions, but this time around the anal sphincter. Others may feel more of a “spreading wave” of pleasure.

Come hither. Slowly insert your lubed finger into the anus and curl your finger upward in a “come hither” motion. Gradually increase the depth and speed — and, if desired, try inserting a second finger. Once you find a depth and pace that feels good, continue the motion and allow the pleasure to build.

Doorbell. From the inside or outside, find the spot that makes them go “oooh” with your finger and press your finger pad against it as if ringing a doorbell. Start with light pressure, gradually increasing the pressure and speed.

Circling. Rub the pad of your finger in a circular motion in the area of the A-spot or P-spot. Start circling the area slowly and gradually pick up the pace at your partner’s request — or based on their oohs and ahs. Play with pressure, as well as speed, to find the magic combo.

Simulated vibration. A little hard on the wrist, but if you speed up any move fast enough you can simulate vibration. Save this for when they’re close to the brink to avoid carpal tunnel.

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